Amazing Recovery Of The Street Puppy

The streets of India can be difficult for stray dogs, and there are many out there who will never have a loving home. Fortunately for this dog, he received a happy ending, rather than what he was sure would be a devastating outcome.

Found lying on the street, this pup was unable to move, but you can immediately see how sweet and happy he gets when someone comes to help him. All you can do is wag your tail enthusiastically and wait to be served.

But the Animal Aid Unlimited group arrived at the scene, who took him to his animal rescue center to assist him as soon as possible. There he was treated and cured for canine distemper, something that would have killed him had he not been found. Just two weeks after the treatment, this adorable little dog is eating and walking again. His gratitude is evident and his love for his new life is so clear that we can’t help but smile at his splendor.

Animal Aid Unlimited is a wonderful Indian group of people who are dedicated to rescuing abandoned animals on the streets of India. This organization rescues thousands of sick and injured stray animals in India every year, and we couldn’t be more than grateful for these heroes.


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