Amazing Photos Of Monkey Gives Its Friend Mouth-To-Mouth Resuscitation

Monkeys are sincere and smart. Some are even naughty and playful, causing trouble sometimes. They are usually known for their ability to imitate human gestures, sitting positions, for example.

Recently, a wildlife photographer named William Steel has taken a perfect photo of the monkey. Through his lens, a monkey can be seen giving its friend CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as she suddenly fell onto the ground.

“In what I can only describe as dramatic fashion, the female monkey fell to the floor, with both legs and arms spread out.” William explained.

The photos are incredibly adorable. They prove that wild animals can be helpful and affectionate. They also love and protect their friends. You can see that this monkey doesn’t hesitate to do first aid to his friend. He is not sure how it works but he doesn’t stop trying.

William took these photos at the Gaborone Game Reserve in Botswana. He captures the perfect moment, and of course, has splendid shoots.

But there are also some guesses about the moment. People say that it’s just a coincidence. The photographer himself thought again and also supposed that it was all “a cry for attention from the female”. It is funny yet beautiful shoot!

What is your opinion about these pictures? Anyway, they are enough to make us smile. If you love them, just share them with family and friends.


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