After So Many Years Of Hardship, He Finally Got The Life He Deserved

A dog that had become a very grumpy furry from neglect was found struggling to live with just 2 teeth. But thanks to love, his life changed forever.

When they reach old age, many children decide to abandon themselves, especially if their life has been a series of bad experiences and mistreatment. Nothing better can hope for a stray dog ​​that for years has lived unprotected and from the little charity it finds in some people, as has happened to the grumpy hairy old man named Saverio.

After 13 years of abuse, the dog finally found an opportunity.

When Saverio believed that his life had no other path and that he was condemned to spend his last days amidst the cold and desolation, this furry man from Campobasso (Italy) was blessed.

The possibility of being loved for the first time came to Saverio from the hand of volunteers from a shelter who decided to take him off the streets. Moved by his condition and his obvious old age, these people were not willing to leave him alone despite the fact that the furry man showed them his tougher face.

The creature had become a braggart.

At first the dog did not trust his rescuers, the bitter drinks that he went through in the street and the ailments of his age had made him a grumpy little dog. However, behind his pouting face and threatening noises was a being full of light and a big heart.

When Saverio was discovered his teeth were shattered. The poor animal survived with only two teeth, one up and one down.

Even so, he struggled to feed on the leftovers he found in the street.

The rescuers could not even explain how he had been able to eat in those conditions, much less did they know what had happened to his other forty teeth.

Faced with their situation, the good Samaritans fell in love with Saverio at the point of sausages. For an animal without a tooth and who did not know what it was to eat out of a bowl for a long time, those pieces of sausage tasted great.

Elder Saverio enjoyed the feast and cooperated with his rescuers.

Once at the shelter, everyone knew that finding a home for this little friend was urgent and perhaps difficult. Due to his advanced age, it was impossible to predict how much more time this grandfather has left, but the best thing was that he managed to meet the true love of a family.

Fortunately he succeeded.

After an arduous campaign the new mummy of the furry appeared: it was Katia Micati. This woman went to the place with the intention of adopting a little Yorkshire that was in the place but when she met Saverio she fell in love.

The woman could not decide between one and the other, since with both animals she had connected. For that reason the loving Katie decided to become the mother of both furry.

The two managed to leave the shelter.

Once settled in their new house the dogs also connected and now Katie is happy with both but especially with Saverio whom she considers to be a very intelligent being.

“He is very intelligent and has a very communicative look. At night he manages to open the cabin that I put in the room to sneak into my bed and he looks at me with a veil of melancholy, as if from time to time he was thinking about his past and everything he had experienced, “the woman said.

After a long wait and so much suffering, this little friend managed to know true love and now he spends his days with his little family. Undoubtedly, it is never too late to be happy and the work of these rescuers was key for Saverio to get off the streets, just thank them!

Miracles happen up to the last minute and this furry man has seen his come true. His story shows us that even in impossible cases we must not lose faith.

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