After Monday’s attack, which left one figure beheaded, the sand sculpture was restored


A sand sculptor has restored his work.

On Monday, a local adolescent girl attacked the sculpture. One figure was left decapitated, while other sections were battered and scraped as a result of the attack.

The adolescent girl and her acquaintance have both been recognized. They are being charged with criminal property damage.

At some point Monday night, police say that a man got into a fight with another man in the lobby of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Thursday, Crimestoppers and Honolulu Police posted the video on Facebook, and it went viral right away. It was quickly seen by many people.

Within a couple of hours, we started getting a bunch of tips and getting possible suspect names, “said Honolulu Crimestoppers Sgt. Chris Kim.

The females were positively recognized by police as teens from Oahu.

“I’m sure at the time these juveniles probably thought it was funny, not realizing how much damage it would cost and essentially the long-term effects on their reputation,” Sgt. Kim said.

The girls haven’t been arrested yet, but police are still working with the hotel and families.

The case was initially classified as criminal property degree in the second degree, which is a Class C Felony.

15, 2019, and went home to Florida.

The Royal Hawaiian hotel flew him back in from Florida on Thursday.

He put the final touches to his work this afternoon.

“This is the first hand sculpture that the Royal Hawaiian has and so we’re so proud of it because the Royal Hawaiian speaks to that rich sense of culture and that’s what makes this so important to us,” said

Kehaulani Kam, director of cultural services for Kyo-ya Hotels Hawaii.

The sculpture represents two keiki during Makahiki season.

“In a way it’s difficult to wrap our heads around why someone would do this,” she said.

“For me, I hope whoever did do it will get a better understanding of what she did and the importance of coming here. We welcome her back, but what she needs to do is to work with us and to better understand the history and the deep sense of who we are as people of Hawaii,” Kam said.

The sculptor said he’s been doing this work worldwide for more than two decades.

He said this is the craziest act of someone destroying his work that he’s seen.

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