After being utilized to practice target shooting, the neglected cat is adopted into an ideal home

When we first began writing about Comet, this one-year-old Florida cat was discovered with a limp and blinded eye after being repeatedly hit with a BBB gun. Fortunately, Comet’s rescuer took the cat in pain to the Helping Paws Humane Society, where they removed the cat’s body’s pellets.

However, Comet’s injuries went beyond the scope of the practice of shooting. “He was limping because his leg was infected and broken in four different places,” shelter worker Karen B. explained to Waggle. Tragically, the extent of Comet’s injuries forced vets to choose other than amputation.


But amputation surgery is very expensive, especially for a non-profit rescue struggling to make ends meet during a pandemic. Fortunately for Comet, Animal Rescue Site readers caught wind of Comet’s sad story — and helped fund the leg surgery Comet needed to live a healthy, pain-free life.

“Thank you for your support of Comet, our cat who was found needing significant medical care after being abused by his owners,” Comet’s caretakers told Waggle, which partnered with The Animal Rescue Site to provide the injured cat with lifesaving care.

“We are thrilled to tell you that Comet was adopted by a vet technician who is able to manage his ongoing health issues– he has since received further tests and vet procedures and is one step closer to recovery,” Helping Paws Humane Society explained.


Moreover, Comet’s new family even includes a tripod cat, who will probably be pretty helpful in showing Comet how to get around on 3 legs!

“Comet is doing excellent and is very happy in his new furever home,” rescuers wrote. “Thank you again for helping us give cats like Comet the best medical care so they can live their best lives!

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