The Cute Cat With A Majestic Fluffy Tail That Looks Like A Squirrel

This little kitty named Bell has a fluffy tail that looks like a squirrel. She is a three-year-old cat in Japan and has more than 160,000 followers on Instagram. Bell’s owner has other pets as well, so she is always surrounded by many other friends, whether they’re cunning or crafty.

More info: Instagram

Meet Bell the cat

cat with fluffy tail

She has a fluffy tail

Just like a squirrel

We’d love to see how soft it is

cat has fluffy tail

Bell lives in Japan

Bell is a Minuet cat

Minuet cats are also known as Napoleon cats

They’re bred from Persians and Munchkins

The Minuet breed is known for its amazing coat…

…as well as short legs

fluffy tail

fluffy tail

Here’s a video of Bell

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