A Teenage Penguin That Everyone Identifies With When They Have A Bad Day

Every time we talk about a penguin we imagine these beautiful and elegant animals. However, they don’t always look the same.

When they are babies, these seabirds are born with a kind of fluff that will accompany them during their first months.

When they are one year old, penguins go through a stage very similar to adolescence and shed that fluff to give rise to the colorful feathers that characterize them so much.

Jamie Hayes was on a trip to the Subantarctic Islands with his family. He knew he was in a very special place and he wanted to capture the magic of nature in images.

However, when he came across a penguin colony, he was shocked. Many of them were in the middle of that puberty-like stage and they looked really funny.

“He reminds me of any moody teenager I’ve ever met,” joked one user on the networks.

The first one Jamie came across still had his baby fluff on it, but he didn’t look happy at all.

“He had a really funny anthropomorphic vibe. He looked like someone who sure had a bad day and was heading home to change clothes, ”Jamie joked.

The penguin seemed very uncomfortable from getting wet. When they are babies, these seabirds do not swim but for some reason this funny animal had gotten soaked and he was not happy with the result.

Just a few steps away from this little boy, was his father and in a photograph Jamie managed to capture the enormous change that penguins undergo as they pass into adulthood. It was the first time he had met a penguin like this.

However, as he continued his walk he found more and more similar specimens. Most of them had started shedding but were in an awkward stage where half of them looked like babies and the other half sported their adult feathers.

“Many had funny feather patches. Some looked like they had a Mohawk, “said Jamie.

This change is very important in the lives of all penguins. They leave their fluff behind to obtain elegant black feathers on their back, white ones in the chest area and finally orange ones on their ears and throat.

These are waterproof and help the fat underneath protect them from the cold ocean temperatures.

Did you know that penguins went through this strange and peculiar phase? Do not leave without sharing to introduce these adorable seabirds.

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