A Supportive Dog Giving His Food To The Stray Kitten He Found In The Yard

The narrow line of cordiality that marks the relationships between some species is no secret to anyone, but a dog has shown that the belief that they do not get along with cats is just a cliché.

Sure, many allege that dogs and cats cannot be friends, but there are exceptions in which daily coexistence makes them become the best companions. While in other cases, like the one in this story, solidarity springs from creatures and invites us to bet on good deeds.

That was made clear by the dog who decided to help an unknown cat.

“Do good without looking at whom” seems to be the philosophy of life of a pretty generous furry man who has earned all the applause on the networks for his beautiful gesture of interspecies solidarity.

In a viral video that was filmed in Shandong, China, the little furry appears in a somewhat tense moment between him and a feline that he has never seen before in his community.

These little ones starred in the most emotional story.

In the recording, the little dog named Pudding appears with some fear of the invader. He was not sure if he should approach and meanwhile, the cat was also attentive to every movement. Probably, he was also afraid of what the dog might do to him, but his intentions were not negative at all.

The dog appears with a bowl of bread and meat in his mouth and after some timid movements he drops it in front of the cat as a peace offering.

Pudding just wanted to feed him.

The feline looks lean, so its helpless and distressed appearance moved the man’s best friend. The dog did not hesitate to give his food to those who needed it much more than he and his gesture impressed its owner to the extreme.

“I was working downstairs that day when I heard our dog barking at the top of the steps. When I looked, I saw him going to his kennel to get his meatloaf, then he barked again, ”said Mrs. Fu, owner of Pudding.

Bravo for such a beautiful gesture of solidarity, good boy!

As soon as our generous dog lets go of the bun, the cat jumps on the piece and takes it with his mouth. The feline understood the signal, but there is no time for cordiality and quickly jumps on the piece and then runs away.

“The cat was scared and didn’t want to go down the steps, so our dog moved away and kept his distance, allowing the cat to get closer.”

The little dog just watches his new stranger friend escape and even though there was no appreciative meow, he seems very happy that he did the right thing. Its owner confesses to having thought that the dog would do something wrong.

“I thought the dog would try to catch or fight the cat when it bit the bun. I had no idea that what I captured with the camera was really happening.

This is the moving moment:

Incredible as it may seem, in the short video one of the most unusual acts of solidarity, but at the same time charming, is recorded. A dog give its food to a cat, if someone thought that these species were enemies, they can already discard it

The truth is, this dog has given us all a great lesson: to help, no matter the species, creed, age, only the firm intention to do so.

May this puppy never lack bread and its owners value the great creature they have. Not all pets are capable of this, not even for their acquaintances.

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