A Puppy In The Rain Reminds Everyone Of The Important Things In Life And Goes Viral

We live in a world where there are more and more electronic devices, social networks, video games and endless options to entertain ourselves.

Sometimes we forget that one of the best ways to enjoy our free time is simply to share with our loved ones or spend a little time outdoors to reconnect with nature.

Si necesitas un recordatorio de esto, basta dar un vistazo a este hermoso perrito. Un hombre llamado Steven Ortiz se encontraba en las calles cuando vio algo que lo conmovió.

Estaba lloviendo muy fuerte y la mayoría no hacía más que buscar un techo para resguardarse.

All but one puppy. The brown furry man with white spots sped out into the streets to enjoy his favorite thing in the world: rainwater.

“If all humans had that innocence, the world would be different,” commented a user on the networks

The furry boy was jumping from one place to another and he looked extremely happy. It is evident that he loved to enjoy the water but the matter became even more interesting when he got under a drain and realized that there he could receive much more water.

The adorable boxer-looking puppy was trying to bite the air as if to catch water. It is really adorable to watch.

The video lasts only 36 seconds but it has been enough to remember how beautiful it is to play in the rain, something that many of us can forget over the years.

Steven decided to share it on the networks along with a reflection on how special animals are and how much they deserve to receive love and good treatment.

“And to think that they are still treated as if they don’t feel. They are purely emotional beings, even more than us, ”said Steven.

It didn’t take long for her post to go viral, and many thanked her for capturing that beautiful moment. The joy of that puppy when playing in the rain is a true source of inspiration.

In the midst of such difficult times, we should always take a few seconds to enjoy the little details in life.

It would be great for all of us to follow the example of this beautiful furry and disguise nature as much as possible. Dogs need care, food and nothing else. They will be in charge of thanking us with a lot of joy, hair and love. They are really special beings and they have a lot to teach us humans.

Do not hesitate to share this adorable little dog in the rain that is capable of brightening anyone’s day.

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