A Puppy In The Middle Of A Clever Escape To Spend More Time With His Friends

At first glance, Crackers is an adorable Labrador / Saint Bernard mongrel puppy. With his tender gaze, he is capable of stealing any heart but the truth is that he is a furry man capable of performing the most unthinkable antics.

Crackers is 5 months old and his favorite hobby is playing with his neighbor’s pets. They get along so well that they have a beautiful tradition of walking together every night.

“They love to play even though Crackers have so much energy that sometimes the neighbor’s dogs get exhausted,” explained Jessie Matney, their owner.

The only detail of this beautiful friendship is that Crackers does not understand that he cannot spend 24 hours a day with his dear friends.

The puppy looks for them through the garden fences and his joy is so great when he sniffs them that on more than one occasion he has orchestrated an unimaginable escape.

Jessie knew her dog had started pushing fences to look for her new friends, so she did a couple of braces in the yard. However, there is no obstacle capable of stopping the cunning Crackers.

“By the time I realized it, he was about to finish his perfect escape. Crackers helped the neighbor’s dogs get to my house. They all froze and looked like The Three Stooges, ”Jessie joked.

Indeed, Crackers had managed to completely remove one of the fences. He was willing to do anything to reconnect with his friends and they were just as eager to play with him.

“When I saw what he was doing I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m used to his crazy things by now, ”Jessie said.

Judging by the funny photograph where the dogs appear red-handed, none of them regretted their mischief in the least. It is a matter of time before they perfect their strategy and can play whenever they want.

“This is the fifth time something like this has happened. On one occasion Punkin managed to pass but the other dog got trapped because her butt did not fit. I had to remove another fence to help her, ”Jessie explained.

There is no doubt that these furry ones are worthy of any Hollywood movie. It’s wonderful to know that the three of them are getting along wonderfully and will continue to do their thing.

After all, they are beautiful furries and they deserve as many play sessions as they want.

Do you think they will knock down a fence again or manage to make a tunnel to join their gardens? Don’t leave without sharing these adorable little dogs.

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