A Puppy Grabs The Reporter’s Microphone And Runs Away At Full Speed To Avoid Being Caught

Puppies are the most spontaneous, sweet and innocent beings on the planet. For this reason, every day we love them more, especially when with their witticisms and ways of reacting, they give us truly unique and memorable moments.

Our lovable protagonist probably had no idea that he would rise to fame. But what he did left the entire country melted with love and choked with laughter.

Nadezhda Serezhkina, a Russian weather reporter, was in the middle of a live broadcast on the street, when she suddenly had the unexpected appearance of a sweet furry intruder.

“Hello Elina, spring has arrived in Moscow, the temperature will be 8 degrees Celsius, nine degrees Celsius …”, said the reporter addressing her partner, without even being able to finish the sentence.

It is assumed that he began to warn the audience about the arrival of spring in Moscow, but what really came was a fan of his microphone in full recording.

Without hesitation twice, the candy-colored Labrador Retriever lunges at the woman to steal her microphone; and he, swift and fast, runs as far as his legs allow him to avoid being caught.

The bewildered reporter was definitely not expecting such an interruption, or a similar theft, by no less than a dog.

What is immediately seen next is Serezhkina running after the cunning little dog, saying, “Stop, stop, come here!”

The most unusual thing is that the waiter continued to record the unsuccessful efforts of the reporter to go after the “thief of microphones”, and it did not take long for the cute little dog to steal the show and the attention of everyone in Russia.

Determined in his plan, the Labrador Retriever keeps running as the woman struggles to catch up. Meanwhile, Elina Dashkueva, in the studio, with a totally disheveled face, is forced to exclaim:

“It seems we have lost connection with our correspondent.”

The scenes broadcast on Twitter accumulate more than 400 thousand likes, more than 100 thousand retweets and 11 million views:

Never before has a weather report gone so viral, but this time thanks to this funny furry dog, who has unleashed endless laughter from millions of Internet users around the world.

And it is definitely really funny to see him running and running, as if he perfectly understood the mischief he had done, to appear on television.

But the incident did not end there. In a second video, you can see Nadezhda, already with the microphone and the puppy at her side.

“Elina, like I said, the weather is really perfect, perfect for walking your dogs… That’s all from me,” said the reporter, causing everyone to laugh.

She added that luckily, everything turned out fine, except for the microphone that took a bit or two.

The truth is that the reporter and the puppy ended up being friends and the transmission concludes with the polite little dog giving him the paw. It is not known for sure about the fate or origin of the dog, but he is already a celebrity and with good reason.

Do not leave without sharing these scenes that melt the heart of more than one. There is nothing more adorable than a puppy stealing the show without even looking for it.

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