A Puppy And A Firefighter Fight Over A Cloth During A Live Broadcast

There are people who in the midst of the most serious or solemn moments cannot help but laugh out loud. Something similar was what happened during a live broadcast of the DNA 40 newscast. With no idea what was happening, an adorable little dog stole the show.

A reporter was in one of the areas affected by Hurricane Elsa.

Officers, firefighters and rescuers were there to search for survivors but at the time of the recording, one of the firefighters did not realize that they were filming him and could not help but steal all eyes.

“I remember that they spoke of a very sad news but I could not concentrate because the dog is very cute,” confessed a user on the networks.

The reporter had started talking about terrible news. A young influencer lost her life during surgery.

However, it was somewhat difficult to focus on her words and everyone turned their gaze to what was happening in the background of the recording. One of the firefighters was playing and struggling with a puppy. The reporter carried out her work without knowing what was happening behind her.

The furry man had taken a washcloth and the officer was trying to take it away from him at all costs. At first glance, some might worry about that “fight” but it is evident that there is enormous affection between them and they were having a great time while playing. In addition, they were so concentrated that they do not realize that they are being filmed.

“The firefighter is very respectful and loving. Good for him, “said an Internet user.

The scene was so adorable that the same cameraman seemed to be concentrating on the fireman’s games with the furry one. As expected, the recording did not go unnoticed and within hours it went viral. Many melted with the contagious joy of the fireman and the puppy.

Thousands of users on the networks celebrated the beautiful friendship between the fireman and the dog. So far, they have not given more information about the name of the furry but it is fair to say that he is a small celebrity. In addition, he was the winner in the battle for the cloth.

“The firefighter had to resort to caresses. The dogs always win, “said a user on the networks.

Some thought that it could be a homeless dog but others pointed out that it looked very well cared for and that it was surely a rescue canine who worked alongside the firefighter. Rescue dogs have played a vital role in rescue teams for many years.

“Good thing the reporter didn’t realize they were struggling behind. They looked beautiful ”, celebrated a netizen.

In the remains of a collapsed building and in the midst of news as harsh as the one the reporter was giving, the dogs still manage to get us a big smile. After all, who could resist playing with that cute little furry?


This is further proof of the wonderful effect pets have on our lives. Even in the most difficult moments, the furry ones will always help us feel better.

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