A Pregnant Dog Waits Day And Night For The Family Who Abandoned Her

There is no situation in which the abandonment of an innocent animal is justified, especially today where more and more organizations exist aimed at helping and sheltering those animals that need a home. However, there are people who continue to leave dogs as needy as the case of Marie adrift. This cute dog was left behind by her owners despite the fact that she was pregnant and could give birth at any time.

Marie’s owners moved house and simply left the dog in front of the porch.

Tania Capelluti is the founder of a shelter in Costa Rica called Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue. Capelluti traveled to Costa Rica for a time as a tourist; But when he realized that there were too many abandoned animals in the streets, he knew that he had to do something to help them. He founded the shelter, and with the help of many people he managed to build a solid network of people willing to help and give temporary homes to many animals.

Capelluti’s original plan was to do a yoga retreat in Costa Rica and immediately return to Germany.

When he was informed about Marie’s case, Capelluti had already returned to his country, but he did not hesitate to denounce the terrible abandonment that this dog had suffered.

“He has no food or water, only his huge belly. The poor thing still waits day and night in front of the door with the hope that they will come back for it ”.

Shortly after, Wynn Mackey offered to help the cute dog. Mackey already has several dogs in his house, but when he learned of Marie’s sad story, he knew he had to make room for her.

Before Mackey gave Marie a temporary home, neighbors in the area had cared for the dog.

Mackey knew it was a matter of time before Marie gave birth, so he prepared a special bed for her for when the big day arrived. Days later, Capelluti celebrated the birth of Marie’s cute puppies from Berlin.

“When I opened Facebook I found her smiling with her seven puppies.”

The sweet dog had developed a deep relationship with Mackey. He refused to leave her side, and when it was time to give birth, she preferred to do it in her rescuer’s bed. Marie is a very loving and protective mother with her cubs.

Once Marie and the seven puppies are better, they will start looking for a permanent home for them.

We raise our voices against the terrible abandonment suffered by this sweet dog. Luckily, she managed to get help just in time and give birth to seven beautiful puppies.

We invite you to share this moving story to celebrate the enormous work that these types of organizations do every day.

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