A Pitbull Cries Nonstop After Realizing She Has Been Abandoned In A Shelter

Lolys Menchaka, an activist with the Inland Valley Humane Society Foundation in California, captured on video an emotional moment in which the sad reaction of a four-year-old pit bull is shown as she realizes that she has been abandoned in a shelter and seems to understand that this cage will be her new home.

Electra was abandoned, although she is a well-behaved dog and has never shown any signs of aggression.

Her emotional reaction has given rise to reflect on how dogs are affected once they are abandoned on the street or delivered to a shelter.

Menchaka notes, with great sadness, that this is not an isolated case:

“Electra represents the face of sadness and reality in the shelters.”

Electra quickly fell into depression upon learning that she was abandoned by her family.

Although it is not clear if Electra was abandoned on the street or delivered directly to the shelter, the members of the foundation call for reflection on the sadness that seizes these sweet animals that are sometimes abandoned despite the fact that they show a excellent behavior.

“Sometimes I would like to understand the owners who give up their animals and I do not like to judge them, but when you see that the dogs arrive at the reception department and they are all proud, I cannot understand.”

To help combat Electra’s depression, a temporary home was arranged for her.

Luckily, Electra did not last long with a broken heart, as she had the support of Tiffany Fan, member and founder of JL Resue, and she was able to contact Adriane Silvano who offered to give Electra a temporary home. Fan points out how dangerous depression can be that dogs suffer from being abandoned:

“I was so sad! I really think that sometimes they realize that they have been abandoned, and they give up. ”


But the charming personality of the dog made them adopt her definitively in the home that was only going to be temporary.

However, the sweetness of Electra managed to conquer those who gave her a temporary home, and they decided that this would become their permanent home.

Tiffany has followed the adoption closely and notes that Electra is a very sociable dog who gets along wonderfully with dogs, children and all members of the family; the change she underwent since leaving the shelter allowed her to show her loving personality.

“She became a completely different dog. She was happy, she was on the couch, she wanted to snuggle up ”.

Electra has now overcome abandonment and is very sociable with humans and other dogs.

The photos of Electra in her new home show that she is truly happy and that she is receiving all the love she needs thanks to the help she received from JL Rescue. This foundation is home to many other dogs that are still looking for a home, visit their website and maybe you or one of your friends can become an angel that brings the furry in need out of depression.

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