A Picture Of A Cute Little Girl With A Horse Went Viral

A smiling horse rose to fame alongside a girl who posed alongside him in a photo. The image soon went viral, capturing the attention of thousands of people around the world.

For parents, sharing incredible moments with their children is by far one of the favorite activities. They will always want to record those moments and capture in images a scene that will become the best memory.

Above all, if it involves animals and children, a combination where fun is almost always guaranteed.

And it is that we never know how the smallest of the house can act, but we cannot underestimate the animals who on more than one occasion have made us die of laughter with their extravagant occurrences.

Parents capture their daughter’s hilarious moment posing next to a Clydesdale.


This is the story of an adorable little girl who was posing next to a majestic Clydesdale horse. Luckily, her parents were there to record the rather memorable scene.

It is possible that the little girl was enjoying a beautiful day of festivities with her favorite people, watching the great horses walk in what seemed like a parade of sorts.

The little girl smiles shyly at the presence of the giant horse.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly until a horse got close enough to her, that’s when the parents took the opportunity to take a photo.

The girl stood in front of the majestic creature waiting for her parents to tell her to smile, they were far from imagining that it would be the horse who would make a funny expression and transform the moment into something quite funny.

The first Clydesdales arrived in the United States to pull the brewery’s cars and tankers for the SuperBowl celebration.

Although the photo is not what the parents expected, we all agree that the result far exceeded any expectations.

The photo was shared via Reddit, it didn’t take long for users to tag it as the best photo they’ve ever seen.

Given this, many users commented, some to praise the photo, others to compare a similar moment they lived in the past. Some read:

“I received a similar photo taken in the 1970s, with my now 50-year-old son standing next to two huge horses in Bristol, UK. Almost the same pose as the photo shown!”

Someone else commented:

“Those horses are great pets. They love attention and children.

Our family went a couple of times to see them at a farm which is one of their resting places as they travel and crave attention.

”They throw their pigtails and even pose for photos.”

-“WOW! Gotta love those Clydesdales!”

-“Incredible memory for that young lady, how adorable”.

These adorable horses are known to be very cuddly and gentle. They are originally from Scotland since 1933.

The Clydesdle horses are one of the icons of North Americans as they become the image of Budweiser and the protagonists of the advertising that this brand of beer takes out annually for the celebration of the SuperBowl.

They are huge, docile horses and are almost always curious about children. They have become the best camera robbers in history.

They are large horses, they can reach 1.80 meters in height, their heads are small and they have a white spot on their foreheads that makes them distinctive.

Its body is long, arch-shaped, robust and muscular. One of the things that most characterizes them is the kind of bangs they have around their hooves.

They were on the list of vulnerable breeds since the First World War and about to be classified as an endangered species in the seventies.

These adorable horses are part of the history of a nation and the best protagonists of funny anecdotes for many families. I’m sure the girl’s parents enjoyed the moment as much as we did.

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