A Mother Stands Still Recording Her Daughter Jumping Into The Sea, But She Screamed: SHARK!

Social networks are full of videos and images that produce a sea of ​​feelings. But many people are usually harshly singled out because they seem to be much more interested in a minute of fame on the Internet when they manage to capture impressive moments, when by stopping to record, the lives of those they love the most are at risk.

Sheri Gouveia is a mother who lives in O’ahu, and was enjoying a day at the beach with her 6-year-old daughter, little Anela Rezentes.

Scenes of terror lived the little girl on Kalama beach, in Kailua, Hawaii

It turns out that her mother recorded her with her mobile while she was standing still on the sand, and her daughter seemed to enjoy the sea like never before.

But the beautiful beach day took an unexpected turn when Anela wasn’t actually jumping for joy, but was fighting for her life as she was horrified by the shark that appeared out of nowhere next to her.

“I was filming her doing silly things and suddenly she started screaming and running towards the shore yelling: SHARK !! When it came to me, I was hysterical. I was like, my God! I ran to where she was, I tried to look for her in the water, but I didn’t see her, ”the mother told the media.

She claims she couldn’t make out exactly what was in the water, but when her daughter yelled “Jaws!”, Only then did she immediately run.

A man who was in the water nearby also claims that he noticed the shark, and was stunned.

This is the disturbing moment that was collected on Sheri’s mobile:

When they got home, Sheri looked back at the images for clues, and realized that it was indeed a shark that had appeared just inches from her daughter.

“I saw a shark,” the girl told the media. “I didn’t realize I was behind him. When I saw him I wanted to escape, I was very afraid ”.

Even the youngest pointed her size with her hands, and showed with her astonished face the traumatic experience that she will never forget.

Here you can see the testimony of mother and daughter that impacts the world:

Gouveia, for his part, assures that his daughter has “angels who watch over her.” But in the networks, she has become the target of the harshest criticism for having been recording without having done anything to save her, in case her life was really in danger.

“Thanks to the mother for doing nothing and for holding the camera still,” said a netizen.

The experts later revealed that it could be a specimen of blacktip shark, a species known to go out in search of food in waters near the coast.

And despite the great fright that Anela found with such an animal, they confirmed that the girl probably did not fit into his favorite dishes, since his main food is small fish.

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