A Mother Desperately Chases The Truck That “Took” Her Puppies

A mother’s love has no limits. Of course, it is something that is not reserved exclusively for human mothers, but that is present in any species to show that the majority are willing to do anything to ensure the well-being of their little ones.

How far could a dog’s devotion to her puppies go? Well, Hinsoona’s story is really “zorprising” and moving.

A dog rescuer named Karlee was alerted to an irregular situation by some friends, who had information about a litter of puppies living under a pile of wood.

The puppies remained on a construction site that was in the process of being demolished.

Little did the puppies imagine the tragic separation from their mother that they were about to experience


The locals had tried to get the puppies out, but they were very scared. So Karlee set out to help and set out some food and water to attract them.

The pups finally started coming out, and they were able to catch every last one of them! But they would have to return in the next few days to try to find their mother.

Distrustful, the worried mother did not approach the humans

Karlee was really willing to bring this family together. She did not mind waiting for the mother of the puppies for hours in order to find her whereabouts in order to give a happy ending to this family that had suffered such a sad experience.

She would go to the construction site two or three times a day, even staying there until midnight just to hear from the dog!

Hinsoona’s story shows us how far a mother’s love for her young can go.

When they finally saw her, she was even more scared than her cubs. The dog was too suspicious to let herself be caught just like that. However, her anguish was evident, she really wanted to meet her little ones.

A member of the community who was aware of the situation of the family of dogs that also fed the mother, had the perfect idea to try to capture the dog.

Karlee couldn’t believe the dog was actually following the truck with such devotion.

He assured Karlee that the dog would go everywhere after her puppies, so they came up with a plan that seemed crazy to the rescuer at first, but… what was there to lose by trying?

So the man loaded the puppies into his truck and began the 10-minute drive to Karlee’s house.

The subject was really moving very slowly and very cautiously, and as soon as the dog noticed that her little ones were being taken, she acted accordingly with selflessness and courage.

The mother, Hinsoona, and her cubs finally in Karlee’s yard, together and safe!

Mom followed the truck that was taking her puppies all the way! Karlee couldn’t believe such selflessness and love.

They made the trip very slowly with frequent stops along the several kilometer journey to give the mother a rest and some water to drink, but it worked out in the end.

Soon Hinsoona learned to trust human beings

Finally, at home, he would begin the next process of gaining Hinsoona’s trust, to make her feel good in her new temporary home.

It would take about a week for the mother to feel comfortable enough to go in and share with humans. But when she did, she was happy to relax with her little ones!

Now, together with the other resident dogs, they are a real happy family.


This just goes to show the incredible willingness of a mother to do whatever it takes for her pups. We applaud the work of the heroes who helped her and made this emotional reunion possible.

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