A Man Said Goodbye To His Cat For The Last Time Before He Crosses The Rainbow By Singing

A young man decided to say goodbye to his beloved cat by singing a sweet song to him for the last time, minutes before he crossed the rainbow, moving thousands of people.

Whoever develops love for pets, discovers one of the purest feelings associated with affection. It means adapting to another being and adapting to living with a species other than ours. Intuitive and language-free connection. They are eternal affections that they profess us, unconditional and absolute.

From the human perspective, they are children who never grow up, from the perspective of pets, perhaps, we are the eternal friends to play and accompany each other.

The young man said goodbye to his beloved cat while taking his last breath


They (pets) do not understand the past or the future, they only live and enjoy the present with those who provide them with protection. Present, where the main emotion is waiting for us, receiving us, looking for our eyes and seconds of attention.

It doesn’t matter if it takes hours or decades, but they always wait for us. And if we do not arrive, until the last day of their existence they maintain that sincere pain for the absence, but also the hope of seeing us again.

The cat was surrounded by love until the last second of its passage on this earth

That is why, the death of our best furry friend can be as hard as that of a relative, therefore, it is logical that one wants to say goodbye to him properly.

This kitten passed away always having by his side the one who loved him so much, a young Asian man who, in the last minutes of his cat’s life, decided to sing him a farewell song, accompanied by his little ukulele.

It was a song to life, a song to gratitude for so many years by his side

The beautiful scene went viral in record time, showing all the love a human being is capable of feeling for his pet, in this case a cat companion.

For added tenderness, the song chosen was What a Wonderful World, by the incomparable Louis Armstrong, a classic of all time, and which is perfect to dedicate to a being so special, so unique and so loved.

Its single handwriting can move you to tears.

“The colors of the rainbow, so beautiful in the sky. They really say: that I love you ”, is an excerpt from the lyrics of the song dedicated by the man to his beloved pet.

Finally, this Asian boy says goodbye to his cat by bringing his head closer and gently bumping it with that of the feline, as if saying: “Don’t worry, we’ll meet again soon”, and then caress him until his last breath.

A scene and a moment that moves even the most insensitive person.

“Pets are so intelligent, so expressive at times, that they really make us wonder: how can we not love them?” Said the young man with resignation.

And it is that, they really seem to have a gift or an extraordinary ability to make us love them from the first to the last day. There are already many cases of people who make their cat’s last breath a special moment, one in which they really show their affection.



Gone are the days when people buried their pets in the fields or parks, so when they have to leave us, there is a grieving situation similar to that of the loss of a family member. So that this situation does not become so painful, we must prepare for the moment of saying goodbye to our little friend.

It is a beautiful story of friendship without limits, and it remembers that the loss of a pet must, at all times, be assumed as something natural and part of the life cycle. We are glad that this pussycat knew he loved until the end.

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