A Magician Shows Off His Skills To The Dogs At The Shelter To Make Them Happy And Help Them Find A Home

The dogs in a shelter could not imagine the special show that a magician prepared just for them. He wanted to help them get a home, and the reaction of the animals was as unexpected as adorable.

Fortunately, there are many acts of solidarity and various initiatives abound on the network, all with the aim of helping the most underprivileged. After all, what better gift can there be than a loving home and pleasant company? This is what inspired the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter to create a sweet mix of magic and cuteness.

Everything these little dogs knew was put to the test


A magician named John Stessel truly has the ability to make people intrigue with his incredible magic, so in one of his last shows he decided to put his skills to the test and entertain an audience completely different from the one they are used to. It was a group of puppies who had the privilege of witnessing the spectacular work of the man.

The cool tricks left some puppies very in awe

Of course, the little dogs, so innocent and playful, did not expect anything they were about to witness, they were one of the most adorable audiences and with whom this great magician has been able to work best.

While other puppies ended up a bit angry about the disappearance of their treats

This adorable show came about through a partnership between Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter Center Director Rob Bills and TBS. This is how they got the young wizard to visit the shelter located in New York.

What was not lacking was the tenderness of these little dogs who just wanted to see their treats appear again

The show consisted of a series of private shows for little dogs who are looking for a new home, in which they will be provided with love and lots of care.

The main purpose of the tender initiative was to show the audience the playful personality of each of the dogs so that their potential future adoptive parents would be interested in them.

The magician wanted to show the funniest and most innocent side of the puppies

“I’ve always wanted to do a magic show for puppies and putting on a show for them has been an incredible experience,” said Stessel.

Where is?

After the show each puppy was rewarded with lots of petting and snacks. With a little luck, these little dogs will soon become wizards when they do disappearing acts from the shelter kennels to their sweet new homes, filled with people who love them.

“The reaction of the dogs was impressive, their tenderness made the moment very special,” concluded the magician.

That little face is priceless

The magician took the best impressions of all these wonderful animals, commenting that each of the puppies showed him how much love they wanted to receive and for him there is no doubt that each of the puppies will be the best company for their adoptive parents in their new permanent homes.

Here you can enjoy the funny reactions of these sweet animals

Opening the doors of our homes to the animals that need it most can make a difference in your life, completely transforming it and making the world permeate with a little more love. Hopefully this initiative will be replicated around the world and move more people to adopt.

Such emotional acts do not have to be reserved exclusively for the Christmas season. All the months of the year are perfect to give a chance to a little animal that dreams of having a roof and a family forever.

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