A Law Was Passed That Prohibits Pets From Being Left Outside Their Homes At Night

Animals are beings with feelings and emotions that, like us, deserve respect. However, it is very common to see around the world how every day there are more cases of animal abuse, where these defenseless beings are victims of the cruelty of unscrupulous people. Fortunately, a law was recently passed in the United States that prohibits pets from being left outside their homes at night, or when it is very cold.

Said law was approved in the city of ‘New Eastpointe’, belonging to the state of Michigan. In accordance with what is mentioned by the current legislation in this city, what is sought with this is to avoid mistreatment of animals, thus fining, with high sums, people who have pets and do not provide them with the required care to ensure their well-being. .

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The law will not allow pets to be left outside at night.

According to what could be established, this law will punish those people who leave their pets (especially dogs) out of their homes after 11 at night. In the same way, said legislation also establishes that pets may not be left outdoors when the temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius, nor when it exceeds 28 degrees.

All this, in order to avoid that, due to the negligence of their owners, the animals are subjected to the negative consequences of being exposed to extreme temperatures. As a last point, the law will also sanction people who chain their pets with elements that are not designed for that purpose.

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Mentioning a city police officer dedicated to the issue of animal control, that all the measures contemplated in said law have been designed with the sole purpose of being able to ensure that there is welfare not only in animals, but also in people who take care of them.

Although many agree with this law, which will be in charge of ensuring that various animal rights are not violated, there is never a lack of a minority that does not support these types of laws. What is your opinion on this issue? Feel free to let us know what you think through the comments.

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