A Golden Runs Into The Small Space Under The Car To Hug Her Mechanical Owner

Having a dog as a pet is something that, without a doubt, changes your life. There are people who come to love their dog as much as if it were a child who even takes them to work. And in turn, yes, a dog is also capable of feeling the same love for its human.

This particular symbiosis that exists for a long time between people and dogs, was once again demonstrated with Lola and Lexi, two nice and cute little dogs who share their life with a man, a mechanic by profession.

The man owns a mechanic shop, where he spends long hours lying on the ground under the cars he repairs, but every time his beautiful and intelligent pair of Golden Retrievers see him, they cannot resist the urge to hug him and they get into that Small space.

This is just one more scene that shows us the infinite love that an animal feels when it is well treated by those responsible. Captured on video and uploaded to social networks, the act of affection and faithfulness to all tests captivated thousands of users around the world.

“The behavior of Lola is simply adorable, who by trying to be as much as possible with her owner, is able to get under the car to give him that sweet hug,” commented a netizen.

This hardworking man usually takes his dogs Lola and Lexi to accompany him throughout his working day. However, as can be seen in the images, tranquility to work, rather little.

In the adorable sequence, it is seen when Lola notices that the man was lying on the ground repairing one of the cars. Immediately, she jumped on him as if to give him more encouragement to get the job done, not only with hugs, but also by licking his face several times.

For his part, of course, the mechanic allowed his canine to be caressed and kissed, and he reciprocated the gesture of his beloved pet, surrounding her with his arms. Then he tried to get her to let him finish his work, but it was impossible. Lola did not stop pampering him and filling him with cuddles.

“Sometimes, you just need a hug from your best friend,” they wrote in the description of the scene that was disclosed on the Woof Woof page, but previously shared on Lola and Lexi’s personal account.

There is no better companion than a dog, this is something definitive. He will always be the most faithful and the most loving of friends that anyone could want to have. It does not matter if it is during work hours or if you are in the armchair at home, as Lexie and Lola will always find the time to give you a big lick and a tender hug.

Share this beautiful love story between humans and animals with your family and loved ones. The unconditional love of a dog is something that really makes us fall in love.

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