A Dog And Her Babies That Were Tied Inside A Sack Got Rescued

Leaving a dog and her babies in the middle of nowhere and inside a bag in which almost all chances of survival are nullified, is undoubtedly an act not only detestable, but also penalized in many countries. All animals have the right to live, which is why the evil intentions of those who seek to erase the existence of these innocent animals from the map break our hearts.

They left a dog and her puppies in a sack in the middle of nowhere. They left the defenseless mother on a desolate highway in Brazil. The dog along with her babies struggled to escape from the sack in which they were trapped, just when a person with a big heart rescued them. It was Josaine Almeida, a rescue worker from Lagoa de Prata. An unknown person contacted the woman to inform her of what he had found on the road and in this situation the woman did not refuse. The scene she encountered was actually a lot but than she imagined.

The dog was sick and still struggled to get her babies out and save them from this cruel situation. The mother was not willing to give up. «One of the worst abuse scenes I have ever seen. A sick mother with puppies tied in a bag and dumped in the middle of nowhere. Apparently a long time ago. Pups dizzy and weak due to lack of air and mother bleeding a lot. What a coward. What a sin, but God is going to charge, I’m sure, “said Josiane.

The woman was really moved and furious by the situation, it broke her heart to see what they had done with the puppies and the desperation of the mother to save them. At first the dog was fearful but in a short time she knew that everyone was there to help her. It was the mother and four cubs, one of them had managed to get out of the bag by the time Josiane arrived. The poor were hungry and dehydrated, it was not known exactly how long they had been in the place. But the woman was sure that they would not have survived another day under those conditions.

The dog seemed to have some illness and they took her to the vet with her puppies. Josiane has made her home a shelter for dogs in need. Since she has more than 50 puppies. However, that was no excuse for not helping this dog and her little ones. After going through a check-up, feeding and hydrating them at Josiane’s house, the woman with her husband set out to bathe the dogs and take care of them. They knew how important it was to erase that bitter experience of the dog and the puppies.

Unfortunately, the dog had a malignant growth that merited immediate treatment, her puppies were healthy. It seems that the mother breastfed them during the time they were in this ordeal. The woman shared the video of the rescue on her social networks and the images moved her followers. Who donated food and money for the treatment and care of this family. The dog has already started her first round of therapy and luckily she responded well. The progress these five little dogs have made is astonishing, and for Josiane it is one of the rescues that has moved her the most.

«Before, this family was drowned in a sack thrown to die, but since God is good, we managed to get them out of suffering. Today they live well with me. Thank you God, for giving me this opportunity “, the woman wrote in gratitude. Josiane is still in charge of the dog and her puppies, but as soon as the family is healthy, the search for a home for each of them can begin. It would be amazing for someone with a good heart to adopt them together, but that’s something only time will tell.

Below you can see the video of how they rescued this family of five:


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