A Distraught And Desperate Cat Dragging The Lifeless Body Of Its Best Friend

On many occasions we have heard the incredible loyalty of dogs, giving ample proof of what they are capable of doing for those they love the most, such as their favorite humans or other furry companions.

But in the case of cats, we are used to stories that show their character, their independence and if possible, we could doubt that they really express unconditional love like puppies.

However, a recent video of a grieving kitten’s reaction to the death of her best friend, another pussycat, has shocked thousands of people.

The scenes were captured in the Songbei District of Harbin, North China’s Heilongjiang Province.

It is about the heartbreaking moment when a devastated kitten resists leaving the lifeless body of her best friend, who has just passed away.

Judging from the scenes, maybe the kitten thinks he can still do something to save his life. And desperate, he begins to drag the heavy body of his friend down the road.

Some witnesses mention that they first saw how the kitten exhausted all his efforts to revive her, but when he saw that nothing was working, he did something truly extraordinary.

In the video, you can see how the persevering and compassionate tabby kitten holds the limp body of the deceased kitten with his mouth.

In the video you can see how the persevering and compassionate tabby kitten holds the limp body of the deceased kitten with his mouth.

At times, exhausted from the effort, he has to make a few stops to regain his strength, but does not give up until his friend is safe.

The kitten finds a parked white car and sees that this may be a safe place, and perhaps hopefully some kind soul comes to his aid.

The images end with the kitten making his last effort to drag his friend under the car.

Here you can see the video that has filled with impotence and has brought tears to more than one:


It is not known for sure what was the cause of the death of the kitten, but judging by the first scene, it seems that she was run over by another car. And at that moment he begins his titanic work to revive it.

Sadly, all of this happens while shocked and “curious” passersby simply record without doing anything for the cat. At least it has not transpired if someone stopped or if the recording intervened later. We think not.

«Her friend is dead, look at the cat », is heard in a background voice in the video.

Other sources assure that there was an animal shelter in the area and that hopefully, a rescuer has noticed the presence of the cat in mourning, to at least offer a helping hand.

We really hope that people become aware that there is no use just recording, what did it cost them to lower the phone for a moment and at least caress its little head?

It is a scene that breaks our soul and at the same time leaves us with the best of lessons. If after watching this video some fool still dares to assure that animals have no feelings, it is because he has not understood anything. Share it with your friends!

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