A Couple Rescued This Cat Who Couldn’t Move

Sergey Baranov, and his wife Yelena, rescued a cat that was sitting in the snow under their car. They first tried to take him in their arms, but this was not easy because he was practically immobile. The cat’s little paws were frozen after dipping them into a puddle.

This happened in Zlatoust, Siberia, where temperatures reached -35 degrees, the couple tried to help him immediately by pouring hot water over the ice. The cat was about to lose its life due to hypothermia, but fortunately it was rescued in time.

Although some cats dislike water, he was aware that the pair were trying to help him out of the frozen puddle and he remained calm; allowing them to carry out the entire rescue and with the hope of getting out of the difficult situation alive.

Sergey said, according to The Siberian Times:

“It must have been made under the car at night, looking for a warm place, fell asleep and all its paws froze in the morning.”

The couple finally managed to get the cat out of the ice after using seven buckets of warm water, but his legs did not immediately regain mobility because they were too cold, so they decided to wrap him in a blanket and take him home to provide warmth.

The couple realized that it was not a good idea to simply forcibly remove the cat as this could cause a fracture.

Sergey and Yelena contacted a veterinarian who arrived and gave the seven-month-old kitten an anti-inflammatory injection. By the end of the day, he had already started walking. He was named Semyon and was adopted days later by a young woman, who claims that she is very happy now.

“Always check what’s under your cars before starting the engine.”

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