A Chimpanzee Offers His Comfort To An Orphan Bear Who Arrived At The Zoo

The distinctions that sometimes prevent people from empathizing with others are not a problem for the animals that instinctively decide to join those who awaken a deep feeling of love.

That is why a unique friendship has developed in a Turkish zoo that keeps all the keepers touched and amazed.

It is about the bonds that a bear cub and a chimpanzee have established.

A bear named Boncuk was brought to the Gaziantep Zoo, who was rescued by an organization after the illegal wildlife trade.

The little one was only 28 days old when he arrived at the zoo, on April 5, and although a little scared, he has found a special companion in that place.

Newborn boncuk.

A chimpanzee could not resist Boncuk’s charms and decided to approach him. Now, this pair are great friends and with their relationship, they teach the whole world that stigma and differences are human.

They seem to clap their palms and have fun together.

Obviously, the relationship between these creatures could be very different when Boncuk grows up to be ten times the size of his chimpanzee friend, but while such a thing happens, the companions plan to stay together.

Although they try to separate them, these friends will not allow it.

Boncuk arrived at the Gaziantep Zoo after an operation in which not only he, but other animals were saved from bandits who wanted to profit from their lives.

His life is now better compared to the future that awaited him.

Thanks to the timely intervention of rescuers and security forces ten parrots, thirty-eight snakes, ten flamingos, forty peacocks, twenty-eight pheasants, fifteen crocodiles, two iguanas and fifteen ducks were saved from the trucks in which they were transported in terrible circumstances.

Like Boncuk, these creatures are now living in the aforementioned zoo.

The fate of this bear has taken a surprising turn and while they wait he recovers from his physical injuries and malnutrition, his chimpanzee friend accompanies him every hour of the day.

The caregivers do not wanted to separate them, as they welcome the bond that has been established between them.

Boncuk found a friend and a dad.

This little monkey is helping the bear to adjust to his new home and forget everything he lived through. The photos that the sanctuary staff have posted show them being really happy.

Next, we leave you a selection of the most outstanding photos so that you surely will like.

Regardless of the age difference, they play like children.

The zoo may not be the best place for Boncuk, or for any other animal, but in this case, we are happy to know that the little one has been rescued from the tragic end that seemed to await him and now lives a true idyll next to this chimpanzee.

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