A Baby Black Panther Is Rescued By A Woman And Singled Out For Raising Her Alongside Her Rottweiler

The Animal Kingdom can surprise us enormously, not only for its exotic beauty but also for the improbable friendship relationships that can arise between specimens, no matter how different their species maybe, giving us the best lessons.

This is what happened between Luna, a beautiful baby black panther, and a Rottweiler dog named Venza.

Their friendship is undoubtedly beyond belief. And since its owner, Victoria, a 31-year-old woman from Siberia, shared videos and images on the networks, she became the target of criticism for keeping a wild animal raised as a pet with her dog.

@luna_the_panteraDog & pantera? #fypシ #viral #dog #leopard #newyear♬ Let Is Snow! – Dragos Cicu

Luna and Venza became an internet sensation, amassing more than 180,000 followers on Instagram and more than 2 million fans on TikTok.

So Victoria was forced to tell Luna’s story, leaving everyone speechless.

It turns out that the little panther was born in a zoo in Siberia, where her mother sadly rejected her. The chances of her surviving were nil, and her caretakers feared for her life. But Victoria, a great lover of animals and an expert in the care, feeding, and raising of big cats, did not hesitate to intervene immediately.

When he met Luna, he saw that she was starving and needed nutrients created a special diet for her, and dedicated himself to taking care of her day and night to save her.

Over the months, Luna had made it through the worst. But of course, Victoria had put so much heart and her entire life in her little girl, that she fell in love with her and she decided to negotiate with the zoo to buy her and give her the life she deserved.

She knew perfectly well that her dog Venza would be her best older sister. However, she adopted all the prudent measures, to introduce them little by little, and that neither would pose a danger to the other.

That is how it did not take long for the most adorable link between the feline and the canine to emerge, which has ended up making millions in love on the Internet.

Although some netizens incredulous of their friendship, when seeing them interact, they commented:

“Everything, until the panther grows up and eats it”, “She’s licking her sandwich.”

The black panther is a black variation (melanism) of several species of large felids, especially the leopard (Panthera pardus) and the jaguar (Panthera onca). It should be emphasized that it is not a new species, not even a subspecies; it is simply a black variation of these animals.

Despite the criticism, Victoria insists on letting everyone know that she has been caring for wild animals for years. No one should do something similar if she does not have the permissions nor the experience.

As time passed, little Luna was no longer a cub. With ten months and almost 21 kilos, everything that her owner shares in networks show that she is an imposing animal born to shine. And it is beautiful to know that she lives wholly healthy and happy.

But undoubtedly, without Venza’s help, none of that would have been possible:

@luna_the_panteraPerfect parkour ? #fypシ #viral #jump #dogvscat #leopard♬ Astronaut In The Ocean – Masked Wolf

Also, Victoria teaches Luna some tricks, never thinking that they will serve as entertainment, but because that is part of her training to learn to live with a human.

“All cats, huge ones, have incredible intelligence, and since they live next to a person, they do not need to think about hunting, strategy, or survival,” says Victoria.

The truth is that Luna has become a true queen with the most beautiful look she has ever seen and the sweetest and most playful personality. And she is lucky to have found Venza, her unconditional sister. Hopefully, they can live many years together, although many fear what might happen to Luna when her size is unmanageable.

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