8-year-old Girl Travels Over 2km In The Snow To Help Her Dog

It’s always inspiring to see how far people go to help their pets. Our dogs and cats are always loyal to us, so it is natural that we should reciprocate and give them all the necessary care, love and attention. It’s even more inspiring when you’re a child helping your dog.

That was the case with one little girl, who displayed an inspiring amount of kindness and didn’t hesitate to do what was in her power when her dog was sick.

um homem e uma mulher segurando um cachorro
The case took place in a small village in central Turkey and was documented by veterinarian Ogün Öztürk. He had been called in to tend a customer’s cow, a task he was used to doing quickly.

As he was about to leave, something distant caught Ogün’s attention. A few meters ahead was a girl walking towards her, covered in snow. However, the surprise was the unexpected companion she carried on her back, a puppy.

Just as he was leaving, he saw a young girl running towards him, trotting through the snow – carrying a sick dog on her back.

When he heard the news that the doctor was in the village, 8-year-old Cemre Su Türköz wasted no time in taking the opportunity to have his beloved animal named Pamuk undergo some tests.

“When I saw them for the first time, I was very surprised and moved,” Ogün told The Dodo portal. “She wrapped the dog and brought it on her back.”

Moved by his actions, the vet decided to take a look at the dog. Fortunately, he only had an easily treatable skin infection. He gave Pamuk some medicine for parasites and he quickly recovered.

And even more inspiring, Ogün did it all for free. It seems he was simply touched by the girl’s efforts to help his pet.

“I was very happy that an 8-year-old girl behaved in this way with such a loving heart,” reported the veterinarian.
“The fact that such a young person exhibits this behavior gives humanity hope. With everything going on in the world, there is still hope. Cemre showed us that the only truth in the world is love.”

How exciting! A vet and a girl being completely selfless, putting a dog’s health first.

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