6-Year-Old Boy Says An Emotional Goodbye At The Vet To His 17-Year-Old Faithful And Loyal Dog

Even thinking that you will never see your pet, whom you love so much and spend every moment of your day with, is enough to make you feel stressed.

In this case, children are the ones who are psychologically affected and saddened the most due to their age. You can see in the video below that was taken in 2014, the boy crying emotionally when he knew that his faithful and loyal dog, BaoBao, in her last days.

The seventeen-year-old dog was sadly involved in an accident which caused many injuries to her. She used to travel with her dad anywhere as she’d travelled more than 200,000 km with him in her lifetime, but unluckily, in the last trip she was hit by a vehicle after falling down unexpectedly. Which smashed her pelvis.

The dad shared online that BaoBao passed away doing what she loved in her last trip with him. The dad was told that there is no guarantee that she would be able to walk again so he decided along with his family to put her down as she was so old, which would surely make her decision worsen by years, when the son about that he couldn’t hold tears and started crying saying that he will her so much.how sad, it’s hard not to cry while watching this video. Watch the video below.

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