2 Horses Decided To Accompany The Man Playing Violin As The Beautiful Serenade Begins

When violinist Ray Chen posted a video in which he appeared in the middle of a field with a violin, nothing was surprising. However, in just a few seconds, some curious audience decided to join Chen’s  show as the beautiful serenade begins.

Chen is accompanied by two beautiful horses who amazed by his unique musical talent. As he plays Vivaldi’s famous piece called “Four Seasons,” the horses come closer and appear to be relaxing by the beautiful notes from Chen’s violin.

Within moments, one of the horses begins swinging his neck, bowing his head, and almost pointing his ear tips towards Chen. It’s as if the horse is dancing along with the music!
Chen smiles back at his unique audience, who continues to enjoy the afternoon of violin music.

Since Chen posted the video to YouTube, close to 2 million people have viewed it. Turn your volume up and press play on the video below to hear (and see) this rare serenade.

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