2 Baby Elephants Covered Themselves In Mud Playing To Escape The Heat

Nature can be overwhelming, but in its very harshness there is much of the beauty that it boasts and is capable of marveling us. Despite so much adversity, every day animals surprise us with the most beautiful, tender and spontaneous scenes in the world.

The story of these baby elephants shows us the simplicity of life, that you don’t need to do great things to have fun and offer wonders to the eyes.

The two were captured by the lens of French photographer Charmain Joubert, splashing in a quagmire, happily playing with each other to escape the heat.

They were completely covered in mud, from head to toe, a fact that they took advantage of to slide in the beautiful, happy and carefree. Seeing the beautiful images, it is easy to refer to the remembered Dumbo, from Disney, who, surely, would be happy if these little ones were his little brothers.

Joubert wanted to dedicate that day to take pictures of pachyderms. He loves his profession since he assures that interacting with animals inspires and nurtures him as a human being. The truth is that this pair that he managed to capture, really don’t need more to have fun. Immediately, the photos went viral on the networks.
“For those who do not believe it, they should only see the photographs taken by those who took some time to dedicate exclusively to these elephants,” said one user.

The tender scene in the Addo Elephant National Park, in South Africa, could be left for posterity. The site has become a true sanctuary. It started with just 11 elephants in 1931, but it is highly valued today.

It has its own website, according to which the site currently houses around 450 elephants, which has made it an essential refuge for these specimens.

It is common for these marvelous and playful trumpets to perform this activity to escape the heat, cooling their bodies with mud and water. In addition, by the way, it is an excellent opportunity to play slide together with the comrades of the pack.

What a beautiful scene with those sweet little faces!

“This activity of covering their bodies with mud is usually carried out by elephants to escape the high temperatures, and it is a good opportunity to play with everyone in the herd,” explained Joubert in his publication.

This is how our tender ears were seen, sliding on the ground until they fell one by one into a lake, which they also took advantage of to drink water and hydrate, exhausted after so much exercise.

This is how we like to see animals, growing up happy, healthy and safe. We hope that you can always continue to enjoy your childhood in that way, as you will not always be babies and will have to take on other responsibilities as adults.

Who wouldn’t want to leave home today and wallow in the mud happy like them

Definitely, she had the ability to show us that, as long as possible, it is best to have the most fun, something that in this pandemic everyone is grateful. Share this story told in beautiful images by this photographer.

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